Yes, this is possible! 

How does it work?
You can share purchased tickets with friends and family using the GUTS Tickets app

It's as easy as a handshake, but, similarly, sharing tickets also requires you to be in the same place. This can be done at any moment before the event date. After scanning the invitation you will be in a group together for this event. 

How do I share tickets?
For sharing, both the person who shares and the recipient of the tickets need the latest GUTS Tickets app, which can be downloaded in the App/Playstore. Once you are logged in, you will see your event(s) and a button 'Invited by a friend? Scan QR code'. Your friend who is going to receive the ticket will need this button.

You simply click on the event for which you want to share your tickets. Here, you will see your tickets and a button with: 'Invite a friend'. Click on this button.

When you invite someone for the first time, you will see a short explanation of how sharing works. Read the instructions carefully and follow the steps to share your tickets. You can always open the explanation again if you somehow get stuck.

Word of warning: Only invite people that you trust! 

In a group everyone has the exact same rights; to sell tickets, invite others and enter the event. Anyone in the group can sell your tickets at any time. 

The tickets are shared
Great! You are now in a group together. You can now both see and use the tickets, or put them up for sale if you decide to not go to the event after all.

Did something go wrong?
No worries. Please contact our support team via the chat button at the button of the screen and we'll help you out.

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